Upcoming Microsoft Update and Systems with LDAP Integration

Posted by lantelligence on Feb 9, 2020

This March, Microsoft is releasing a security patch to address “a man in the middle” vulnerability with LDAP. In short, Microsoft will be disabling LDAP and requiring LDAPS.

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ShoreTel System Health Check

Posted by Henry Roberts on Oct 9, 2018

Most Common ShoreTel Issues We Discover & Solve 

LANtelligence offers a free system health check by one of our solutions engineers. When performing these checks, we find many of the same items each time and almost always something new. We also uncover the causes of existing issues that can sometimes be immediately resolved. 

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Dial Lists in MiCloud Connect (ShoreTel) Contact Center

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Jun 14, 2018

Dial lists in Mitel (ShoreTel) Connect Contact Center

Watch this video to learn how to append data in MiCloud Connect (ShoreTel Connect) dial list to the database.

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Options You Have With VMware After End of Sale of Mitel ST14.2 Hardware

Posted by Henry Roberts on May 29, 2018

Mitel has extended life of ShoreTel 14.2 software, but not hardware... 

Mitel is no longer selling hardware for 14.2 or prior ShoreTel versions. If a customer wishes to add new hardware to their system, then they must upgrade to Connect. 

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