Grabbing Call GUIDs on Mitel Connect

Every call on the Mitel system generates unique call identifiers called GUIDs to trace back issues that may be related to issues occurring on the user's desktop. Mitel and LANtelligence will and can use call GUIDS.

Call GUIDs are usually found in the following format and will be unique for every call either internal or external:


For enhanced troubleshooting, we will sometimes require that when an issue does occur that the end user grabs the call GUID for the exact call when the trouble/issue had occurred.

The easiest way that you can find the call GUID is using your Connect Client.

Method – Click on Recent calls and highlight the number



Right click on Copy Call ID to Clipboard



Open notepad and paste the call GUID in notepad. 



Provide the call GUID to LANtelligence support so the call example can be reviewed. 


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