How to Change the IP address in Mitel Connect

Posted by Henry Roberts on Dec 15, 2017
Henry Roberts
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The steps below outline the process for changing the HQ Server IP address on ShoreTel Connect.

1. In Config DB, modify Switches table, IPaddress and FQDN columns with the new IP:
Blog post switches-1.jpg

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2. In Config DB->Tables->abcservices->modify the ServiceURI for HQ IP only with the new IPaddress.

Blogpost ABC services-2.jpg

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3. RegEdit:
Blogpost 3.jpg

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4.  On HQ under the C:\Program Files (x86)\shoreline communications\Shoreware Server\Monitoring; Check Monitoringservice.ini file and modify the HQ IP  in that ini file.
Blog post 4.jpg

5. Reboot the HQ Server.

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