End of Sale and End of Life update for ST14.2, related software and SG voice switches 

Mitel Bulletin Number: 18007 – Global

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On April 5, 2018 Mitel announced that Bulletin Number 18007 – Global supersedes ShoreTel Product Bulletin 17002, dated 31 January 2017, that initiated the End of Sale and End of Life process for ST14.2, older voice switches, and VPN Concentrator products.

The End of Life for ST14.2 software has been moved out from 31 December 2019 to 30 September 2020 to give Mitel partners and customers more time to migrate to MiCloud Connect or MiVoice Connect.

In total, the bulletin reshapes the ShoreTel product life cycle process into Mitel policy and practice, and provides follow-up notification of a comprehensive set of actions that will:

  • End sales of ST14.2 software and related ECC and Mobility server software
  • Clarify end of active support for certain SG Full-width voice switches
  • End sales of pre-ST voice switches

The following table provides a quick summary of the actions Mitel has already taken and will be taking (future actions are in boldface):

Product End of New Sales End of Add-on Sales End of Life
ST14.2 Software (ECC 9, Mobility 8)  1-Apr-2018  30-Jun-2018   30-Sep-2020
Full-width SG voice switches (except BRI models)    June 2012 and earlier   31-Dec-2017
 SG-24A  30-Jun-2018  30-Jun-2018   30-Jun-2023
 Half-width SG voice switches (except BRI models)  30-Jun-2018  30-Jun-2018   30-Jun-2023
 Pre-ST switch bundles    30-Jun-2017   30-Jun-2023
 Pre-ST SBE bundles (except (BRI bundles)    20-Jun-2017   30-Jun-2023
 BRI Voice Switches and BRI SBE bundle    30-Sep-2018   30-Jun-2023
VPN Concentrator    30-Jun-2017  30-Jun-2018

Key Mitel Definitions:

  • End of New Sales: Sales of an item will no longer be made to new customers. Items will remain available for purchase by existing customers. Full support of the product continues.
  • End of Add-on Sales: Sales of an item to all customers cease. Technical support services are still offered, but no scheduled releases or service packs are available. Patch releases for critical issues may be offered at Mitel’s discretion.
  • End of Life: Best effort technical support for catastrophic failures/critical issues only.
  • End of Technical Support: No technical support and all software assurance (SWA) contracts are terminated.

Next Steps For The ST14.2 Users

As an experienced Mitel (ShoreTel) partner, we encourage all current ST14.2 and earlier release customers to upgrade their systems to the latest MiVoice Connect software (formerly ShoreTel Connect ONSITE) or MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel Connect CLOUD). MiVoice Connect software can be installed on any currently supported Mitel hardware (note the comments for End of Life of the older full-width SG voice switches in the official bulletin).

LANtelligence will continue to provide Mitel (ShoreTel) users with important product updates and developments to ensure that you have the most current information to work with in developing your telephony strategies and roadmaps.

Please, contact the LANtelligence Technical Solutions Engineering team for more details or to answer your specific questions

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