Complete Your Portfolio of the Managed Services With UCaaS and CCaaS Solutions

Retain your current customer base and gain new business with an expert partner and minimum effort on your part. 

In addition to offering you competitive commissions and the very best solutions in the market, LANtelligence gives you a host of selling advantages that are simply unavailable elsewhere.

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Deep experience

LANtelligence has been providing and integrating communications solutions and real-time applicaitons since the 1990s. We were one of the first companies to provide VoIP technology back then, and we’ve been on the forefront of unified communications ever since.

Our staff of engineers brings a wealth of experience in unified communications and cloud-based applications. In concert with our veteran customer support staff, we offer you and your customers a level of solutions experience and expertise that is unparalleled in the industry – and simply unavailable from master agents.

Extensive knowledge

With deep experience comes deep knowledge. At LANtelligence, we’ve been working with the cloud since the very early days of SaaS deployments back in 2006. Our engineering team, all of whom have been with us for years, average over a decade of unified communications technical experience. With that many years in the industry, we know what works, what doesn’t and how to make technologies properly talk to each other. No matter how complex or demanding your customers’ needs may be, we have the UCaaS / CCaaS knowledge to architect and implement the right solution.

Expert UCaaS CCaaS execution

Contrary to marketing hype about the cloud, implementing a UCaaS or CCaaS system is anything but plug-and-play. While certain elements from prior technologies, like on-premise equipment, are no longer part of the equation, cloud implementations are still complex, requiring a high degree of technical acumen to ensure everything connects and functions seamlessly. 

Master agents don’t have this acumen. Even the providers themselves are experiencing challenges in the execution phase. That’s where LANtelligence comes in. We’ve spent over a decade focused on delivering successful implementations of complex UCaaS and CCaaS solutions to customers like yours. 

LANtelligence will smoothly execute UCaaS / CCaaS deployments for your customers with our dedicated team of certified engineers (each with over a decade of UCaaS / CCaaS experience), seasoned project managers and experienced sales support staff. At every step, your customers will have quick and direct access to our experts. Your customers will never again have to experience being handed off to lower-level staff at a third-party call center somewhere. 

Our comprehensive 9-step project management process ensures a solution built to meet your customers requirements. We’ll closely manage the project with you through a series of regular meetings. We’ll build a very specific requirements document, architect a custom-tailored solution, and create a detailed project timeline document detailing all workflows and milestones. And, you’ll maintain full visibility of the deployment from start to finish with our automated online project management system.

Unheard of sales support

In a typical UCaaS / CCaaS master agent relationship, you’re given administrative support for your UCaaS and CCaaS selling efforts – and not much else. LANtelligence goes leaps and bounds beyond this basic level to help you not only win customers, but also keep them fully satisfied over the entire life of your customer relationship – pre-sale, post-sale and long-term.

We have your back with: 

  • Channel marketing and lead generation for you – you read that right. LANtelligence maintains an aggressive online marketing campaign to attract UCaaS / CCaaS leads for you. Why? Because we know selling is already a full-time job. And when our marketing supports your sales, everyone wins. That’s the true meaning of partnership.
  • Highly experienced inside sales support to help you with everything you need to provide complete solutions to your UCaaS / CCaaS customers, including scheduling and setting up demos, defining scopes of work, putting together quotes, creating designs, building project plans with complete timelines, and conducting regular meeting with you and your clients.
  • Technical support directly from us – we don’t pass you into a scheduling cue with a third party provider or a third party call center. You always have a direct line to our dedicated, certified engineers – during pre-sale, implementation and throughout the life of the customer relationship. Tap our help for onsite-demos, follow-up calls, deep-dive technical discussions, solution design and building your proposals, including the quote, project plan and timelines. Then, continue to use us whenever you or your customers need expert assistance. We’re always here for you.
  • A project manager will work with you and your customers from planning through execution to deliver a fully-functioning UCaaS or CCaaS solution according to a carefully crafted project plan, with a clearly defined timeline, milestones and success criteria for every step.

Fanatical customer support

At LANtelligence, we live and die by customer satisfaction. So, unlike master agents and the providers themselves, we provide 24/7/365 live technical support to you and your customers for any issue. There’s no waiting for an email response. Just pick up the phone and we’re there for you. 

We’ll keep you fully apprised with CRM alerts of all the large issues and escalations we’re handling for your customers. You can also log into the CRM at any time to see how things are going. This gives you extra ability to manage your relationships with your customers, and make the most of those relationships in your future selling efforts. 

Best of all, your customers are always receiving support directly from the team that designed and implemented their solution in the first place. There’s no better, faster way to keep everything running smoothly for your customers. 

With LANtelligence, your customers get an unprecedented high level of support, and you get to maintain unprecedented engagement with your customers. It’s another win-win.

Advanced Integrations

LANtelligence gives you the ultimate competitive advantage – the ability to say “Yes!” to integrating a UCaaS or CCaaS solution with your customers’ existing technology platforms – like Salesforce and other CRMs, and IVR.

Not only that, as your customers’ UCaaS / CCaaS platforms evolve, you can leverage us time and again to update their custom integrations. This allows you to provide extreme value to your customers’ over the lifetime of their solutions – value that your competitors can’t come close to matching.

The overarching benefit to you: customer loyalty. The more custom integrations you can provide to your customers, the more entrenched they will be with the solutions you’ve sold them, providing you with repeat business opportunities for years to come and the ultimate defense against newcomers with competing offerings.

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