The New CX Reality – Are Your Key Applications and Data Integrated to Provide Customers a Pro-Active Experience?

Posted by lantelligence on Nov 2, 2020

In this age of real time information and connectivity at everyone's fingertips, your customers drive how they want to communicate with you. Discover how you can make your business thrive and service your customers better by reading Part III now. 


In Part Two, we discussed the importance of allowing your customers to move through multiple channels within the same journey to resolve an issue. Additionally, we briefly discussed a few tips to consider for improving your customer journey such as the customer needing to be able to engage with a live agent through their Mobile device via the channel of their choice without leaving your site, app, or website to make a call. Check it out here to get the full details. 

In Part Three of our Five-Part Series "The New CX Reality – Are Your Key Applications and Data Integrated to Provide Customers a Pro-active Experience?," you will discover Market Force Number Three to better learn how you quickly resolve your customer's issues with advanced data and application integration. 

Market Force Three: Are Your Key Applications and Data Integrated to Provide Customers a Pro-active Experience?

Customers rightfully today expect when they engage with your organization that your agents are working from all of the details of any prior engagements the customer has had or details of an earlier part of their CX Journey from another channel readily available. 

By having the data and other customer data available to your agents, you can anticipate the customer's needs and anticipate their requirements. This helps to quickly resolve their issues or answer their questions. This is also a key component in organizations where agents are looking for opportunities to sell customers additional services. 

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This concludes Part Three of our Five-Part series. But, it doesn't stop here. Just recently, we aired a webinar "Breakthrough Contact Center Technologies to Engage Millennial and Gen Z Customers" with contact center experts John Triano of Inference Solutions, Tony Poer of 8x8, Vasili Triant of UJET, and host Mike Aoki of Reflective Keynotes, Inc. We discussed the cutting-edge technologies that you should be using at your contact center today. You can watch it here.

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