The New CX Reality – Customers Drive How Your Contact Center Operates

The days of forcing your customer to communicate with you via one channel (over Voice) without any regards to their channel of preference are over. It's time to get your Contact Center back on track and service your customers in the way they prefer. Continue reading to find out Part I now


The days of dictating to your customers what methods they must use to access your customer support and other services are quickly disappearing. 

Your customers are driving how your contact center operates. With technology now majorly available to everyone's fingertips, your contact center must match the demands and channels of preference by your customers. 

If your business wants to thrive, your Contact Contact center needs to service your customers in the way they demand at the time of initiation with your customer support services. 

In Part One of our Five-Part Series "The New CX Reality – Customers Drive How Your Contact Center Operate," you will discover Market Force Number One to address and better improve your Contact Center's channel offerings. 

Market Force One: What are the demographics of your customer base? 

What is the age breakout of your customer? What are the exact groups that will drive the most business today and growth in the future? 

Once you have a strong hold on this data, you will need a Contact Center that will allow you to provide all the channels that what each separate group desires to use to communicate with your business. 

Did you know that you may have different NPS scores by age groups? 

A voice only CX experience will often rank higher for an older demographic whereas a younger demographic will rate the experience lower because they were forced into a channel they did not prefer. 

Want more insights? 

This concludes Part One of our Five-Part series. But, it doesn't stop here. Just recently, we aired a webinar "Breakthrough Contact Center Technologies to Engage Millennial and Gen Z Customers" with contact center experts John Triano of Inference Solutions, Tony Poer of 8x8, Vasili Triant of UJET, and host Mike Aoki of Reflective Keynotes, Inc. We discussed the cutting-edge technologies that you should be using at your contact center now. You can watch it here.

Speak to The LANtelligence Team today. 

If you'd like to speak with us directly about how you can transform your CX at your contact center, contact us today. Stay tuned for more. 


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