How PureCloud Is Disrupting the UCaas Market

Disrupting the Unified Communications Cloud

In a rush to move Unified Communications technology to the Cloud the majority of suppliers in this market made a gigantic mistake. Rather than harnessing the power of new technology and leveraging the expertise of the companies that are currently succeeding in the cloud, they defaulted to moving their traditional solutions and technology to a data center.  What this accomplished was the removal of all their equipment from your environment but it accomplished nothing to enhance the delivery of features or to improve reliability.

One company with 20 years of leadership in the Unified Communications and Contact Center space took a different approach. They disrupted their own business by taking some of their best engineering talent and isolating them into a separate group to create the next great step in the evolution of Unified Communications in the Cloud.  

From levaraging the knowledge of how to properly run technology in the Cloud from companies like NetFlix and Facebook, combined with 20 years of leadership in the industry Interactive Intelligence’s Pure Cloud was born.  A Cloud based Unified Communications Solution with an industry best Contact Center Solution that is more reliable, scalable and offers a depth of features that no other solution does.  More importantly if you want your technology to be a competitive weapon, the architecture of Pure Cloud allows for features to be added every couple of days without any interruption to service.  It also allows integrations to be created and put into service in a matter of days, not months or years.  Whatever the latest technology weapon is in your industry can be integrated in days giving you a leg up on your competitors.

If you expect your technology to be a competitive weapon there is only one Cloud UC solution that can provide this today and moving forward, Pure Cloud.

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