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Why Having A Single Source Of Data Is Important?

Contact Centers have been a multiple application product which means multiple locations of data. Historically, Contact Center Managers or Supervisors in the US and Canada who run comprehensive reports are challenged with inaccurate reports.


Contact Center Solution includes additional applications

A typical Enterprise Contact Center should include additional applications like Workforce Management (WFM), Quality Management (QM) and Call Recording as part of the entire solution. Previously, the Contact Center product has not been able to offer these applications at the same time. If the solution did provide these applications, it was either through a 3rd party integration or an acquisition of a 3rd party company and then adding it to the product suite.

3d party applications create multiple sources of data

The challenge with 3rd party or “bolted on” applications usually meant multiple databases. Here is where the problem occurs. Each application is managing their own data store of information based on their own application parameters/rules. What this means is that, to run a comprehensive report on caller interactions, there is a requirement to not only query the data from multiple data stores but to put it in a normalized form so that the data can be reported on. The Enterprise that managed with Contact Center would need their own group of DBAs or developers to connect to (if allowed) and combine the data into another database so that they would be able to run their own customized reports.

Multiple sources of data cause reporting errors 

Now, imagine if one of those products had a reporting error where it was incorrectly writing or calculating its application-specific metrics. This would mean chaos when those daily/weekly or monthly reports were presented to the management because the numbers would not line up and you may not be aware of which application that error came from.

With the amount of data that an Enterprise Contact Centre acquires on an hourly/daily basis, there is always the risk of errors in the data. To minimize the challenge of “bolted-on” applications or 3rd party integrations, it is necessary to search out a solution that can provide these applications natively, as well as work off the same data store / database so that all the metrics or numbers can match up.

Reality of a modern Contact Center

Enterprise Contact Centers are and should be viewed as a Business Intelligence application that produces vast amounts of interaction data that can be utilized and used to help drive the business. With Contact Centers moving to the cloud (Contact Center as a Service or CCaaS), the ability to offer the entire suite of applications in one product offering is becoming more and more of a reality.

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