CX Tuesday Digest #36

Posted by lantelligence on Aug 7, 2018

Best practical advice from CX industry professionals at Forbes, ICMI, Contact Center Pipeline, Call Centre Helper and others. This week, learn about: 

  • How to increase the take-up of digital channels
  • Internal vs. external customer service: similarities are more important than difference
  • Practical WFM: cleaning raw Q&A data
  • Dr. Debra Bentson on empowering creativity in contact center

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12 Ways to Increase the Take-Up of Digital Channels

By Call Centre Helper

Our panel of experts share how they would increase take-up of digital channels, without forcing the customer’s hand.


Internal Customer Service vs. External Customer Service

By Micah Solomon for Forbes

The differences and complexities often invoked to distinguish between external and internal customer service are largely overblown. What's most important is how similar these two types of service are, not how different


WFM Q&A: Data Cleaning

By Tiffany Lareau for Contact Center Pipeline

My friend Bruce, who I met at the SWPP conference earlier this year, recently contacted me with a list of questions about cleaning raw data used in forecasting. This is a transcript of that interview, which we hope may be of use to others who are just starting out with their own rules about cleaning ACD data.


4 Ways to Encourage Creativity in the Contact Center

By Erica Marois for ICMI

A video from ICMI Chat with Dr. Debra Bentson about empowering contact center agents to take creative approach on customer communications. 


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