CX Tuesday Weekly Digest #37

Posted by lantelligence on Aug 14, 2018

Best practical advice from CX industry professionals at Forbes, ICMI, Contact Center Pipeline, Call Centre Helper and others. This week, learn about: 

  • Proactive customer service and how it affects customer retention
  • Factors that make a better customer experience
  • How to attract and retain Gen Z workers in the contact center
  • The difference between omnichannel and multi-channel

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7 Ideas for Proactive Customer Service

By Call Centre Helper

Many companies are now focusing on getting the most out of customer data. This first led to personalising service and now proactive service. Why is there a focus on proactive customer service?


Four Factors That Will Make Or Break Your Customer Experience

By Forbes

What makes a better customer experience? By looking at some of the best branded experiences, it’s easy to see that amazing customer experience are personalized, fast, frictionless and designed to help customers make better decisions.


Now Entering the Workforce: Rethinking Jobs for Gen Z

By Michal Clements for Contact Center Pipeline

Work values is one of the areas where Gen Z is most distinctive from other generations. Quantitative research from Gotcha Communications found that Gen Z is determined to be financially independent. In fact, 65% of Gen Z prioritize salary vs. 54% of millennials. 


Reality Check: Most Contact Centers Aren't Really Omnichannel

By Joe Rabah for ICMI

Contact centers are becoming increasingly responsive in channels such as chat, email, and social media. But the truth? Even though "omnichannel" has become standard vocabulary in the world of customer service, most modern contact centers aren't quite there yet. Most contact centers are still genuinely multi-channel.


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