#CXTuesday weekly digest #35 - 7/31/2018

Posted by lantelligence on Jul 31, 2018

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AI is coming, but you can’t truly automate customer service

By Brian Scudamore for The Globe And Mail

It’s the year 2030. Every morning, you strap on your jetpack and soar over to the nearest Hyperloop station. Twenty minutes and two states later, you’re in the office with your robo-co-workers and hologram boss. Welcome to the future, baby!


Implementing AI In Customer Service? Try Consulting This Triangular Model Of Agent, Bot, Customer

By Michael Solomon for Forbes

Customer service, even when powered by technology, isn’t about technology; it’s about customers and about service. The customer experience, even when informed by technology, isn’t about technology; it’s about customers and the experience.


Customer Experience: What's Humanity Got to Do with it?!

By Melissa Pollock for ICMI 

Humanity!  Connection!  Warmth!  I remember a CSAT turnaround project that was wildly successful because we taught associates how to better connect with people - how to just be real instead of sounding so 'official,' how to inject their personality into their conversations, how to demonstrate interest and caring, and generally how to have more fun!


Contact Centre Motivation – How to Reward, Empower and Inspire Advisors

By Call Centre Helper

Charlie Adams, an Operations Manager at Ordnance Survey, investigates what drives people and how to best motivate them.


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