#CXTuesday weekly digest #31 - 7/3/2018

Posted by lantelligence on Jul 3, 2018

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Calming the Quit Reflex With Coaching

By Jeremy Watkin for FCR 

Observing the impact my responses had on my son’s quit reflex was incredibly insightful for me as a coach. Take a moment to think about a situation where you coached someone through a frustrating situation.


How to Provide a Delightful Customer Service Experience

By ProProfs

A report by McKinsey says that 70% of product or service buying experiences are totally based on how the customers feel they have treated. For about 62% organizations, customer experience is viewed as a great competitive differentiator. What do industry experts have to say about it?


Recording of the joint GTACC and LANtelligence webinar

By LANtelligence

Watch the recording of the recent webinar "New Trends Affecting the Future of Enterprise Contact Centers". This time Mike Aoki from Reflective Keynotes and the panelists were focusing on challenges and tough questions that leaders of the enterprise contact centers will face in the second half of 2018, next year and beyond.


Answers to 7 Burning Contact Center Questions

By Erica Marois for ICMI

You asked. We delivered. Watch the short ICMIchat recap video for answers to the most frequently asked contact center questions


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