#CXTuesday weekly digest #32 - 7/10/2018

Posted by lantelligence on Jul 10, 2018

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Using The Training Model On Yourself To Be A Better Leader

By Paul LaRue for The Upwards Leader

Many of the successful training programs follow this general pattern for building job proficiency: Why Do, How Do, I Do, We Do, You Do. While this is a great way to transfer knowledge to others, there seems to be another application in which a leader can use this model.


3 Ways Customer Experience Can Drive Revenue Growth

By Chris Bauserman for ICMI

There has never been a better time to be a consumer. The digitally-driven experience economy has resulted in unprecedented ease in comparing – and switching between brands.


5 Ways to Retain Advisors Using the Same Tools as Customer Retention

By Call Centre Helper

There are many similarities between retaining advisors and keeping customers, meaning you can often use the same tools to do both. While they are often defined as two separate challenges, in practice, they are often reflected in one another.


Recording of the joint GTACC and LANtelligence webinar

By LANtelligence

Watch the recording of the recent webinar "New Trends Affecting the Future of Enterprise Contact Centers". This time Mike Aoki from Reflective Keynotes and the panelists were focusing on challenges and tough questions that leaders of the enterprise contact centers will face in the second half of 2018, next year and beyond.


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