#CXTuesday weekly digest # 26 - 5/29/2018

Posted by lantelligence on May 29, 2018

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Coming Soon to a Contact Center Near You!

By Contact Center Pipeline

The landscape for engaging with customers is changing fast. Bots, asynchronous messaging, augmented reality and machine learning are at the doorstep of the contact center modifying the customer journey and putting pressure on traditional businesses to adapt.


What If Your Customer Experience Is Lousy Because You Don't Think You're Responsible For It?

By Forbes

You understand what it takes to provide a great customer experience. In fact, you are a great warrior on behalf of the customer. You can’t stand hearing about what customers complain about, simply because you think that hiccup should have never happened. 


The Five Benefits of the GDPR for Contact Centers

By ICMI.com

If you fear the strict compliance protocols that the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is bringing, you're not alone. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2018, over 50 percent of all companies affected by GDPR will not be in full compliance with its requirements.


Positive Customer Service Language for Positive Conversations

By Callcentre Helper

We worked with Christine Knott, the Managing Director at Beyond the Box, to produce eleven language tips to help boost customer satisfaction.


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