#CXTuesday weekly digest # 18 - 4/3/2018

Posted by lantelligence on Apr 2, 2018

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The Top 20 Traits Of Customer Experience Leaders

By Forbes

Companies that have the strongest customer experiences often have the best leaders. Whether they are individual contributors, executives or customer-facing employees, they know what it takes to motivate and inspire others to create a positive experience. And it shows—customers can tell when an organization is focused on providing a great experience and that attitude is reflected in their people.


Putting Abandonment in Perspective


In many contact centers, abandonment rate is viewed as a key measure of how adequately the center is staffed. I often get questions like, what is an acceptable rate of abandonment? What is abandonment in such and such an industry? Are there any studies on how long customers will wait? What should our service level be to keep abandonment under X percent?


How to Create a Coaching Culture in the Contact Centre

By Call Centre Helper

In many contact centres, advisors are often very apprehensive, anxious, or even defensive when their manager books in a coaching session with them. Why is that? Isn’t the purpose of coaching to inspire and empower team members to find their own solutions, take control of their own development and build confidence in themselves to believe that they can achieve their potential? Surely that should be a good thing, so why isn’t it for many contact centre teams?


What You Need To Know To Run Your Contact Center In The Future

Last week we hosted a webinar with Mike Aoki and Marty Tracey where they discussed the newest trends in Contact Center training and development, agent journey vs customer journey, benefits of the "negative" millennial character, tools and technology that work for the new generation of Agents and customers and more.

Watch the webinar recording


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