#CXTuesday weekly digest # 14 - 3/6/2018

Posted by lantelligence on Mar 5, 2018

Welcome to #CXTuesday!


First Aid for Coaching Call Centre Advisors

By Call Center Helper

What is the difference between your top performers and the rest?  Do you know how much more  effective the top performers are?


Customer Experience VS Customer Service VS Customer Care

By Forbes

Customer experience is one of the hottest buzzwords in business these days. Companies are pouring more resources than ever before into building a strong customer experience, and many expect to soon compete on experience more than price or quality. 


What to Look for When Hiring Social Media Customer Care Agents


Hiring social media customer care agents can be a tricky thing for contact center leaders. There is often a desire to cross-train agents from other channels to ‘fill the seat’ or become “super omnichannel agents.” While I certainly understand the need for this type of thinking, I believe it is setting up your social media customer care program for a rough and rocky road that might not lead to success.


Why Having A Single Source Of Data Is Important?

By Ken Zrobok

Contact Centers have been a multiple application product which means multiple locations of data. Historically, Contact Center Managers or Supervisors who run comprehensive reports are challenged with inaccurate reports.


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