#CXTuesday weekly digest # 17 - 3/27/2018

Posted by lantelligence on Mar 26, 2018

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How to Develop Sales Focus in a Customer Service Team

By Call Centre Helper

Many contact centres are shifting their focus from service centres to service and sales.While the trend towards sales through service makes good practical sense, some contact centre advisors may not see themselves as salespeople.


Putting Together the Customer Loyalty Puzzle


When talking about customers, the ultimate act of loyalty is a renewal. Measuring loyalty as it happens is easy. The challenge, however, is predicting which customers will remain loyal to your business. Predicting loyalty can be tricky because there is not one single metric that tells the whole story. Furthermore, your loyalty indicators may be somewhat individual based on your specific business needs.


Technology Asbestos Is Poisoning Your Company

By Forbes

Living with outdated technology is like living in a house with asbestos. Most homeowners know asbestos can hurt them, but the pain and expense of ripping it out is overwhelming enough that it remains. The bigger problem is that often the damage being done isn’t easily seen by the executives whose minions buffer them from the reality of the situation.


Artificial Empathy: Call Center Employees Are Using Voice Analytics To Predict How You Feel

By ZDNet

Customer service calls can be ... infuriating. Part of the reason is that humans generally aren't great at reading subtle emotional cues, especially if we only have voice to go by. At the same time, we often inadvertently broadcast unintended emotional signals, easily leading to miscommunication and discomfort over the phone.


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