#CXTuesday weekly digest # 13 - 2/27/2018

Posted by lantelligence on Feb 26, 2018

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The Changing Landscape of Employee Engagement

By Contact Center Pipeline

Millennials and Gen Z employees are growing in influence of work organizations and cultures, especially call centers and customer service. According to a 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the median age of an American employee is 42.2 years, while the median age of a customer service representative is 36.5 years. In fact, nearly half (48.4%) of CSRs are below the age of 34.


What “Going the Extra Mile” REALLY Means in Customer Service

By Call Centre Helper

Recently, “going the extra mile” has resurfaced as a customer service topic, and I think we need some parameters for understanding the term to really appreciate what it means to “go the extra mile”. Here are four things that an organisation can do to build a culture where advisors really do go above and beyond for the customer.


5 Massive Customer Service Mistakes Even The Experts Make

By Forbes

Blind spots can sabotage the thinking of even the most well-versed and experienced experts.  Here are five areas I've seen expert advice in customer service and customer experience go off course from time to time.

3 Counterintuitive Ways You Can Significantly Improve Your Contact Center Culture


You have no shortage of ideas for improving your contact center culture. Unfortunately, many of those ideas simply “put lipstick on a pig” -- sugarcoating the core challenges you face without actually fixing them. What if you shifted your perspective and, instead of focusing on “fixing” your challenges, began accepting their existence and leveraging them?


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