#CXTuesday weekly digest # 4 - 12/26/2017

Posted by lantelligence on Dec 25, 2017

Welcome to #CXTuesday!


10 Top Tips To Improve Email In The Call Centre

One email can completely shape how your customer feels about you. So, what makes a great customer service email?


CX In 2018: Top Customer Experience Predictions

Customer expectations are rapidly evolving. The pace of technology innovation is relentless. How will your business need to adapt or rethink the way you deliver customer experiences to stay competitive in the year ahead?


GDPR: What US Contact Centers Need To Know

In the weeks following the Equifax breach, we learned that the company also holds data for around 44 million British customers. This means if the breach had occurred a year later, the company would have been subject to the stricter laws that will soon regulate data protection and security breaches under GDPR.


The Integration Of Marketing And Customer Experience

The blending of marketing and CX is not a new concept. A brand, after all, is not just about using a logo and colors consistently -- it’s about ensuring a company’s ads, website, customer service and product convey the same messages and invoke the same feelings.


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