#52: CX as a Business Grower

Posted by lantelligence on Nov 27, 2018

CX Tuesday #52

This week's topics are about the aspects of customer service that contribute to overall business growth: 

  • Lori Bocklund analyses contact center budget structure considering its ROI.
  • Adapting to digital disruption and shifting customer habits. The future of customer service.
  • Everything you need to know about contact center waiting time.
  • Six ways to make the customer experience your competitive differentiator.

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Contact Center Cost Models Help Quantify ROI

By Lori Bocklund for Contact Center Pipeline

Analysis of contact center cost structures should consider the main elements that contribute to the company’s budget, not just the center’s budget.


Are You Ready for the Future of Customer Service?

By Kim Campbell for ICMI

Did you know that 32% of customers worldwide will quit doing business with a brand – even if they love it – because of just one bad experience? Although the surface reasons may be broad, often the root cause is a failure to evolve the customer service solution.


What Is an Acceptable Contact Centre Waiting Time?

By Call Centre Helper

It is conventional for contact centres to aim to answer 80% of their calls in 20 seconds. But should we perhaps start to think about shortening or perhaps even lengthening this wait time?


Industry Leader Secrets: Six Ways To Stand Out With Customer Experience

By Shep Hyken

Smart companies recognize that customers do business with the companies that give them the experience they expect, if not even a little more. CX can be your differentiator. A company can disrupt its competition by delivering a better experience, and here are six ways to do exactly that:


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