#51: Polishing CX Through Communication Skills & Technology

Posted by lantelligence on Nov 20, 2018

CX Tuesday #51

This week's topics are: 

  • Listen to the customers' input about what matters to them in customer service and customer experience.
  • The digital age is dictating the changes to customer interactions through multiple channels.
  • Poorly designed, implemented or managed Contact Center solution can make good technology worthless for your CX.
  • Teach your Agents how to dissolve customers' frustration immediately.

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Only The Customer Can Decide What Matters In Customer Service And Customer Experience

By Micah Solomon for Forbes

“Any time you think you know what the public’s going to want,” warned Sam Phillips, who launched the careers of Elvis and Johnny Cash and later helped to build trailblazing brands outside the music business as well, “you’re looking at a damn fool in the mirror.”


Redefining Customer Experience in the Digital Age

By Call Centre Helper

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan survey, 80% of customers base their choice of provider on Customer Experience (CX). Given the importance of CX in attracting and retaining customers, businesses must understand how easy it is to make important improvements.


Selecting the Right Technology Partner Should Be at the Top of Your Decision Criteria

By Martin Tracey for Contact Center Pipeline

As technology advances at a more rapid rate than any other time in history, the key to success with technology remains mostly the same: planning, design, project management, total commitment and on-going pro-active expertise and support.


5 Things Your Agents Can Say to Dissolve Customer Frustration Immediately

By Chris Edmonds for ICMI

Teach your Agents how to dissolve callers’ irritation and anger immediately. You can do this through equipping them with just a few key phrases. These phrases work because they reflect and affirm your callers’ core values about how people should interact with one another when facing a challenge together.


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