#50 2018 Holiday Season Is Here

Posted by lantelligence on Nov 13, 2018

CX Tuesday #50

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are right around the corner. Christmas won't give you much time to catch a second wind. This week CX Tuesday is full fresh articles on how to prepare your Contact Center for the holidays: 

  • 5 tips to maintain agent morale during the holidays, while keeping customers happy from Mike Aoki.
  • 6 ways to look out for your employees over the holidays from Call Centre Helper.
  • Strategies to retain top talent during the holidays and beyond from Contact Center Pipeline.
  • Is your retail call center ready for the 2018 holiday season? From Ameridial.

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How to Make Your Contact Center a Happy Place This Holiday Season

By Mike Aoki for LANtelligence 

The holiday season can be challenging for contact centers. It means higher call volumes, more customer service demands and increased sales support. That means longer hours and more late night/weekend shifts for your Agents. Here are 5 tips to maintain agent morale during the holidays, while keeping customers happy.


6 Ways to Look Out For Your Employees Over The Holidays

By Call Centre Helper

If your workforce is flat-out over the festive period, use these tips to help them avoid burnout and keep everyone smiling.


Preparing for the Squeeze: How Wages Will Impact Contact Center Operations This Holiday Season

By Ben Bekhor for Contact Center Pipeline

One of the biggest challenges U.S. contact centers face this holiday season is the current labor shortage. Along with retailers, contact centers experience an influx of seasonal workers leading up to and during the holiday rush...


Is Your Retail Call Center Ready for the 2018 Holiday Season?

By Ameridial

Black Friday and other in-store promotions bring crowds of people to physical storefronts and websites alike, creating visible proof of a holiday rush that seems to increase year after year. While physical stores begin staffing for seasonal rushes in early fall, what are you doing to prepare your call center?


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