#49 Practical Tips From the Customer Service Experts

CX Tuesday #49

This week's articles contain practical tips for customer retention, seeking customer opinion and transforming "scarry customer service" into "scarry good" one: 

  • Andy Hanselman suggests you should add these ten questions to your script to seek honest customer opinion.
  • Eleven customer retention strategies from Call Centre Helper.
  • Dr. Willie Jolley’s Ten Commandments of Superior Customer Service.  
  • Jeremy Watkin shares five tips to go from scary to scary good customer service. 

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Customer conversations guide: 10 questions you should add to your script

By Andy Hanselman for Thematic 

According to a new report called Leading By Example most company directors and board members don’t have a clear understanding of what their customers want, and often ignore the views of those that do – their front line people!


11 Customer Retention Strategies

By Call Centre Helper

The panel of experts share their top tips for reducing customer churn.


The Ten Commandments Of Superior Customer Service

By Shep Hyken for Forbes

Dr. Willie Jolley just released a new book titled An Attitude of Excellence. In his new book, he devotes an entire chapter to having an attitude of excellence in customer service. Here are Dr. Willie Jolley’s Ten Commandments of Superior Customer Service.


5 Tips to Go From Scary to Scary Good Customer Service

By Jeremy Watkin for FCR

Jeremy Watkin shares his favorite "scary customer service" encounters and some tips for transforming them into scary good customer service experiences.


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