#47 Customer Experience Transformation

CX Tuesday #47

This week is about Customer Experience transformation and why it's important: 

  • Call Centre Helper's panel of experts suggestions on how to make your contact center customer-centric
  • What to do when your Customer Experience Transformation has stalled?
  • #ICMIchat community has summarized toxic leadership behaviors that frustrate employees  
  • Learn from the experts about how EX affects CX in the webinar recording 
  • Before making a next business decision, ask "What will my customer experience?"

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How Can I Make My Contact Centre Customer-Centric?

By Call Centre Helper 

The panel of experts suggest how you can put the customer at the heart of your contact centre operations.


Has Your Customer Experience Transformation Stalled?

By Annette Franz for Forbes

The good news is that you've embarked on a customer experience transformation journey. The bad news is that you don't think your organization has evolved as much as you'd hoped it would by now. 


Toxic Leadership Behaviors that Frustrate Employees

By Erica Marois for ICMI 

"People don't leave companies; they leave bosses." We've all heard that quote a time or two. If true, what can leaders do to become better bosses? The #ICMIchat community traded tips this week. For starters, avoid these toxic behaviors.


The webinar recording


Watch the webinar with Mike Aoki, Neal Dlin, Erica Marois and Marty Tracey and learn how Employee Experience affects Customer Experience. 


What Will Your Customer Experience?

By Amie Devero for Forbes

Businesses are often asking, “How do we attract more customers?" You probably do it yourself. Yet, not enough businesses spend significantly on the most important question: "How will my customer experience this?"


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