#46 Get Ready For The Peak Season

Posted by lantelligence on Oct 16, 2018

CX Tuesday #46

This week is about getting ready for a holiday season and more: 

  • ICMI suggests four things to consider when staffing for holiday season
  • Predictions for the retail holiday season 2018 by Salesforce
  • Contact Center Pipeline on how to ensure QA in multiple communication channels 
  • More on EX: Zendesk is changing the narrative on the CX career 
  • Webinar recording "How EX affects CX and how to succeed at both" 
  • Practical advice by Call Centre Helper on working with your CSat Score

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4 Things to Consider When Staffing for Peak Season

By Neal Topf for ICMI 

Being able to handle increased customer volume during peak season can make or break your success during a very lucrative time. Whether your peak season is during the holidays or the middle of summer, here are a few things you might consider.


Holiday 2018 Predictions: Mobile Will Ring Up Most Purchases for the First Time Ever

By Rick Kenney for Salesforce Blog

What can retailers expect from the 2018 holiday shopping season? Based on the shopping data of over 500 million global shoppers, we’ve outlined the five biggest trends that will dominate headlines this holiday season — and what they mean for retailers.


QA in an Omnichannel World

By Susan Hash for Contact Center Pipeline  

Customers expect choices when they need to reach out for service or support. They want to interact with brands via their preferred channel, be it voice, text, chat, social media or email.


Changing the Narrative on Careers in Customer Service

By Heather Hudson for Zendesk

Customer service jobs have a reputation for being entry-level, means-to-an-end gigs that go nowhere. But in our hyper-digital world, that’s changing. There’s a growing awareness that people on the front lines are astute, savvy, and big-thinking—and it pays to invest in them and keep them engaged.


The webinar recording


Watch the webinar with Mike Aoki, Neal Dlin, Erica Marois and Marty Tracey and learn how Employee Experience affects Customer Experience. 


How to Get More from Your Customer Satisfaction (CSat) Scores

By Call Centre Helper

Customer satisfaction (CSat) scores can be great indicator of overall performance, but how can they be used to benefit the contact centre? For maximum value, you need to know how satisfied the customer is with different parts of your service, let’s call these performance dimensions, so you know exactly where you need to improve.


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