#CXTuesday weekly digest # 6- 1/9/2018

Posted by lantelligence on Jan 8, 2018

Welcome to #CXTuesday!


How Best To Empower Today's Contact Center Agents

While today's agents have access to cutting-edge technologies that can connect them more immediately with a live customer, there is a developing need to skill up and train agents to work alongside technology to better manage emotional or high-complexity customer interactions.


How Customer Service Must Adapt To The Largest Consumer Segment: Millenials

With ranks of over 76 million, Millennials have now overtaken boomers as the largest group of consumers in the United States. What makes this generation all the more important to consider when designing a customer service strategy is the power of their influence. 


5 Qualities Succesful Companies Have That Help Improve Customer Experiences

You can’t build a great customer experience — and improve it over time — unless you invest first in developing the following five qualities and making them a part of your company’s culture, identity and commitment to excellence.


Consultative WFM

It may be natural to have some conflict between the floor and WFM. But that doesn’t make it right, nor does it make it good for the organization. Strengthening this partnership will go a long way toward helping you meet production and service level goals while still maintaining an engaged workforce.


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