Cloud Contact Center's Immediate ROI

The Right Contact Center Pays For Itself

Contact Center technology has been continuously evolving over the last 20 years and can do more now than most people could have imagined. It has long passed the “call center stage” when the only function it had been offering was inbound or outbound calls. Contact Center in the United States and Canada today is a business productivity tool. It evolved to “omnichannel” and includes all communication, interaction and analytic tools available today. It wasn’t that long ago that only bigger businesses could afford to purchase and support such robust solutions, but with today’s Cloud-based Contact Centers, they have become available for everyone. 


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More Than Communication Channel

In the last few years, Contact Center software solutions have been more rapidly moving to the Cloud to provide more reliability and flexibility to add more features. A Cloud solution environment means that the advantage of high-level functions and applications are now within reach of Contact Centers of all sizes. Multiple communication channels such as voice, chat, SMS, social media, as well as Work Force Management (WFM), Analytics and Quality Management can now be added to the tool kit of the small and midsize companies.

Immediate ROI 

It is said that, out of the vast array of business applications that companies are using today, only those that help you sell or increase productivity are paying for themselves. With Cloud Contact Center, companies are seeing virtually instant Return On Investment (ROI) because the beneficial applications are built-in to the software. For instance, a small Contact Center with 20 agents has reported seeing a 10% increase in productivity using the built-in WFM which produces more than the monthly cost of the Contact Center software. In addition to that, companies get more efficient access to data on all interactions, improved customer experience from Quality Management and Analytics, and integration with other key business applications. 

Continuous Advancement And Long-Term Relevance

The most important benefit of Cloud-based solutions is their capability to keep up with technological advancements. There’s no reason to keep outdated hardware anymore and your Cloud Contact Center updates itself, assuring you will always have access to the latest tools and applications. Today, the customer experience is your company’s most important differentiator. That means your communication tools are your competitive edge. By investing in a Cloud solution, you guarantee that your best business tool is profitable and retains long-term technological relevance.

Migrating to the Cloud eliminates upfront costs for all this functionality that previously has been an expensive and often unobtainable investment. Cloud-based Contact Centre applications open the door for more organizations to take advantage of the newest technology and business tools.

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