Mike Aoki

Mike Aoki
Mike Aoki is the President of Reflective Keynotes Inc. (http://www.reflectivekeynotes.com ), a training company that helps contact centers improve their sales and customer retention results. A contact center expert, Mike serves on the advisory council of the Greater Toronto Area Contact Center Association and was Master of Ceremonies for five of their Annual Conferences. He was also chosen by ICMI.com as one of the “Top 50 Customer Service Thought Leaders on Twitter” for the past four years.
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5 Tips to Provide Better IT Help Desk Support

Posted by Mike Aoki on Jan 15, 2019
Do people dread contacting your Help Desk? Have you received poor Customer Satisfaction Scores from external clients? Or, poor employee attitude survey scores from internal colleagues? Here are five quick tips to provide better IT Help Desk customer service.

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How to Make Your Contact Center a Happy Place This Holiday Season

Posted by Mike Aoki on Nov 12, 2018

5 Tips to Maintain Agent Morale During the Holidays, While Keeping Customers Happy

I love the holiday season. I enjoy celebrating and spending time with loved ones. However, the holiday season can be challenging for contact centers. It means higher call volumes, more customer service demands and increased sales support. That means longer hours and more late night/weekend shifts for your Agents.

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How Employee Experience (EX) Affects Customer Experience (CX)

Posted by Mike Aoki on Sep 12, 2018

"EX", or Employee Experience, is the new buzzword in Customer Service industry. Its popularity is ramping up along with the "Digital Transformation", "CX" and "Millennials", and it's not a coincidence. The increasing pressure of delivering the exceptional customer experience along with a learning curve of the new technology and tools are affecting contact center employees' motivation and loyalty. 

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Common Analytics Mistakes That Lead to Higher Agent Attrition

Posted by Mike Aoki on Aug 27, 2018

Four Analytics Mistakes Enterprise Contact Centers Must Avoid

Managing an enterprise contact center is like, “Herding a bunch of cats.” Make one area work well and another area goes off track. So, leaders are constantly in damage control mode. Thankfully, analytics can identify which areas need help. However, there are common mistakes to avoid regarding analytics.

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Outsourced vs. In-House Customer Service

Posted by Mike Aoki on Jul 11, 2018

Benefits and Challenges of Outsourced Customer Service

When facing a choice of whether to outsource Customer Service or build an in-house department, many companies rush to compare the cost. But there are more aspects that you should consider. In this post, we brought two experts' opinions to give you a better perspective on both sides of the coin. 

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Maximize Agent Performance With the Right Coaching Tools

Posted by Mike Aoki on May 11, 2018

Using audio and screen recording for coaching Agents

I was on a harbor dinner cruise when the captain made a slight change in the boat's direction. It seemed like a minor adjustment at first. However, that slight change eventually made a huge difference! Miles later, the boat had completely turned around thanks to a small course correction.

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Are You Preparing Your Agents for the Next Wave of Contact Center Technology?

Posted by Mike Aoki on Mar 12, 2018

A major contact centre recently invested in a state of the art live chat system. It included pre-written responses and an easy to use interface for juggling multiple chats at once. It was a masterful piece of technology. However, senior leaders were puzzled by the results. The expected gains in productivity were not materializing. Veteran Agents - raised on handling one voice call at a time - only felt comfortable handling one chat at a time.

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Omnichannel Contact Center Is No Longer Optional

Posted by Mike Aoki on Jan 24, 2018

How Much Revenue Are You Losing by Not Offering Omnichannel Customer Service?

I needed more information before buying a product. I checked a seller’s website, but they only offered telephone customer service. That may have been acceptable five years ago. However, voice customer service accounted for only 64% of customer contacts in 2017, according to a Deloitte Global Contact Center Survey. That is projected to decline to just 47% next year. Instead, web chat, text/SMS, email, social media and video customer care will comprise the majority of customer contacts. 

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