Make Time To Re-Evaluate Your Call Flow

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Oct 8, 2014
Ken Zrobok
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The first time you interact with a perspective or existing customer is when they call you. Sending the right message and creating the right impression is imperative in order to make the customer experience the best it can be and that starts with how your calls are handled. With the end of the year approaching, it might be a good time to reevaluate your call flow and how calls are handled from the time they come in, where they should go and how to measure the outcome.

Here are some suggestions on what you need to know when designing or redesigning your call flow:
• What is the first thing I want any caller to hear?
What is my brand message and how can I communicate that to everyone calling.

• At each point in the call flow, what should the caller hear (the actual script)?
Write it out, you can record it or we can get it professionally done for you.

• For each menu, what options should the caller have?
Should they be able to go to billing, customer service, sales, etc.

• What should happen if the caller doesn't select anything? Should the message be replayed
or should they be sent to reception to help facilitate the call?

• What should happen for a failure at each decision point in the logic of the call flow?
What do I need to do to make sure the call is handled correctly?

• What calls should be handled by this flow (telephone numbers, etc.)?

• What agents or groups of agents should be routed which types of calls (lists)?
If you have Contact Center by ShoreTel this is where those items are very valuable.

• How would different schedules change the flow (business hours vs. after hours or holiday)?

• How should calls be handled that are transferred to a queue (hold audio, timeout, skills,
after call work, etc. etc.)? What message should be played, if you have Contact Center at
what point would you ask a customer if they would like to be called back?

Of course there are more questions and options for call flow but this is a good start in evaluating where your call flow is today and what you want it to be tomorrow. Take your time and plan it right, and remember we at LANtelligence are always willing to share our Best Practices and suggestions.

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