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Tip of the Month August 2018

Posted by Joe Schiavone on Sep 5, 2018
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Share Your Vision With Your Team

As someone whose main job is to develop a good solid channel, I’m dedicated to our Partners’ success. My goal is to meet with the CEOs or Presidents of our MSP Partners and help them define a vision or goal for their companies and share it with their employees. I do this successfully, because I am usually sitting in front of someone who is more concerned with working ON their company’s future than IN their company’s day-to-day activities. 


I’ve noticed a trend where the CEO has a vision or idea but has a difficult time implementing it with a positive and predictable outcome. We all know that change of direction can be difficult within an organization if the people working there don’t buy into it. Employees too often quietly resist the change or slow down the process. This does not make them bad employees. It’s simply human nature to fear the unknown or feel uncomfortable if they are unable to look at the bigger picture.

I currently work with two Partner companies experiencing both sides of this issue, which is why I’m writing about it today

Company A

The company has taken on a new course and is adding new technology and services to their portfolio. Employees are currently engaged with all new technology outside of their core of expertise. They’ve also managed to build a pipeline of prospects and trust with their vendors. Finally, they ask frequent questions and want webinars and training. Every member of the company understands the shared vision, enjoying the new growth it provides and a deeper involvement with their customers. In short, the company is functioning exactly as its CEO envisioned. 

Company B

Unlike in Company A, these employees dragged their feet and had to be pressed regarding changes within the company. They frequently said,

  • “We don’t do that,”
  • “This won’t work,”
  • or my favorite, “We know our customers and they won’t change.”

This is not what their CEO envisioned, and he probably does not even know that his own trusted employees are the ones slowing things down.

What affects the employees' attitude?

What the CEOs of these companies have done differently that affected employees' attitude toward the change? Let's find out.

The Company A CEO:

  • Met with key employees and shared his ideas
  • Got key input and buy-in from his management team
  • Assigned key employees to take charge of the vision
  • Got everyone pulling in the same direction
  • Held weekly 15-minute calls reviewing progress and improvements

The Company A team is actively working on the new marketing activities to the existing customer base and is  updating the website to reflect the new additions to the technology/service portfolio. As a result, their sales showed 13% increase within the first 30 days!

The Company B CEO:

  • Met with only the sales department to share his vision
  • Got no input from support or service on company vision
  • Did not assign one person to take charge
  • Had no present agenda or weekly calls for updates

The Company B team is lacking understanding of the new company's strategy and can't properly communicate the new technology/services to the existing customers and prospects. As a result, the time and efforts for adding the new offerings to the portfolio are not showing significant ROI, if any. 

It's not too late to change attitude and direction! The key is to be engaged, make it fun, and have a plan!

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