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Should you provide some services just because you can?

Posted by Joe Schiavone on Feb 14, 2019
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Get your bottom line up by partnering with specialized solutions providers.

A big part of my job is to interview Managed IT Providers all around the US to understand what drives their decision to bring new services to their portfolio and what those new services do for their business. An interesting fact came up during my recent attendance at the IT Nation Evolve event (formerly known as HTG Peer Groups): Many MSPs add new services, like Cloud Voice, just to keep up with the growing competition.


While racing to increase the number of services offered, many of the MSPs don’t invest in the proper development of those new offerings. As a result, occasional requests they get from their customers for those services turn into complicated projects that exhaust their staff and cost more in man-hours than they bring in revenue.

The same was proved by our recent research, “UCaaS as a Part of Managed IT Business,” that we conducted at the end of 2018. We found that the majority of MSPs sign up with one, maybe two UCaaS vendors just to be able to say that they offer cloud communications. At the same time, MSPs are quite unsatisfied with the level of revenue UCaaS business generates, and are challenged to differentiate their service from the competition to win over a low-price carrier strategy.

So, should you, an MSP owner, sign up for additional service offerings if you have limited resources and no expectations to get the profit out of them?

The answer to this question contains two parts:

  • Yes, you should grow your portfolio to get more business opportunities and retain your customer base.
  • No, you shouldn’t waste your internal resources if you can partner with a specialized Master Solutions Provider on services you don’t have direct expertise or experience with and get your share of the MRR.

As the UCaaS and CCaaS Master Solutions Provider, we have made a lot of inroads within the MSP community because voice services are traditionally a pain in Managed IT Providers’ necks. But those who stopped resisting, and accepted the reality of today’s challenging IT business landscape, have already seen the ease and benefits of having a trustworthy partner covering what used to be “tough projects” on their behalf.

Next time you think about adding new services to your portfolio, instead of asking “Should I/Can I do it?” ask “Should I do it by myself?”

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