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LANtelligence at ChannelNEXT WEST 2017

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Nov 7, 2017
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On 17 October 2017, during ChannelNEXT West conference in Alberta, Canada Martin Tracey, CEO of LANtelligence gave an interview to Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet.

JL: So, LANtelligence, tell us a bit what you do there and what is LANtelligence?

MT: At LANtelligence we are partnering with MSP’s to help them build recurring revenue stream from a Cloud Voice practice. So, we help them with everything from the initial meetings technology discovery, deployment, demo, all the way through the support process.  It’s been a challenge area for a lot of MSP’s to get into Voice, but with the proliferation of the Cloud and the ability to work with partners they can help you build out that practice without losing focus on your core practice. We are seeing a lot of advantages and a lot of growth in that sector.  

JL: You know, you and I, we chatted briefly about the TelCo’s encroaching in MSP offering similar type of technology services. What do you think that is going to do for the Channel?

MT: I think that one of the biggest pushes we have seen from our MSP partners to get into voice is to kind of help protect their existing business and help new prospects. You know the ones that have not had a voice practice or finding that a lot of the carriers are getting into different MSP solutions and using voice is a way to get into those customers and grow that base which creates a big threat on a lot of the existing MSP base out there, their existing customer base.

JL: So, in the way, if they create a proper VoIP practice they can push back and actually, maybe, win more business because of it?

MT: Absolutely. You know, they are really creating a full solution for their clients covering all the aspects. You know, as the trusted advisor a lot of clients would love to have the kind of service and support they provide in the other areas. The carriers are not known for the great service. So, it is a great way for them to fill in and complete their whole solution set.

JL: If you look at the VAR/MSP looking to add VoIP or they are on the fence adding VoIP because of their past history, what would you say is different about LANtelligence and their solution that makes this plunge much easier?

MT: Sure. I think Cloud has really changed the dynamic. Although, there is a complexity to cloud deployment, it is in a very different way, it is about understanding the networks, having great project management, having access to program the cloud products. What makes LANtelligence really different than almost anybody in this space, is that we do all the aspects of the solution. You know, we are not just helping with the sales process and then throwing it off to the provider or third party. We see the project from the beginning all the way to the end. The other thing is we don’t with one product. We work with the series of the different voice solutions, so we help the MSP help their customers find the perfect fit. And so, one of the things we love is that it creates a very unique sales situation for the MSP’s where often we’ll be presenting 2 or 3 of the best solutions and helping the customer really get what they need versus wondering if they are looking at the right things.

JL: It makes a lot of sense, the support is there obviously, you are there for the partner. So, if you look at the ideal partner, how would you describe an ideal partner for you?

MT: I think that an ideal partner for LANtelligence works in the range of clients which we normally have, which is usually between fifty and five thousand users, multi-site deployments where our networking capabilities really come in handy. We are very customer-centric, we are very support centric, so very proactive. So, we want to be aligned with partners that see that as a core piece of their value. That providing that different level of support and service and creating that long-term relationship is part of the goal.

JL: And your kind of ideal target end user that lives around call center, in particular you like that group?

MT: Well, we work in UCaaS space across the border, multi-site deployments are great space for us, we are big fans of Contact Center as a Service, that is an area we have a specialty practice we have been doing a long time. It is also an area that is growing. Contact Centers are not just about the customer service or technical office anymore. And they are also multi-channel fasted, so it is not just about voice. Right? It’s about email, it’s about chat, it’s about social media channels, and companies organizing all that communication using it effectively.

JL: So, what is the best way for VARs to kind of reach out to you, your website address?

MT: Well, is a great way to reach us, through our marketing team is also a great way to reach us as well.

JL: Ok, well, thank you very much.

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