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How much revenue are the MSPs losing by skipping bits of communication with their customers?

Posted by Joe Schiavone on Jun 6, 2019

What happens when you bring on a new service or partner with a new vendor to boost your business?

Every MSP understands that to keep up with the customers’ needs nowadays, they must reach beyond their usual scope of service and add more technology choices to their portfolio. Finding new technology partners isn’t an issue because every vendor today wants to work with MSPs! But signing up with the vendor isn’t enough to get the sales going. In the last month, we have been interviewing our own MSP partners to find the reasons why the pipeline is not growing as fast as we all want. Here’s what we found. 

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MSP Marketing How-To #17. MSP Video Marketing Tips

Posted by Yana Yermilova on May 15, 2019

Video marketing is on the rise and rapidly taking over the content marketing world.  If you haven't implemented video marketing in your content strategy, now is the time. Here is why and how to get started.

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LANtelligence, Inc. and Talkdesk partnership brings cloud contact center to enterprise customers

Posted by Yana Yermilova on May 7, 2019
 “Talkdesk is among the leaders in the next generation of CCaaS platforms that offers an out-of-the-box solution and continuous development. LANtelligence, Inc. is very excited to partner with Talkdesk to provide this cutting-edge technology to our customers and partners,” says Marty Tracey, CEO of LANtelligence, Inc.
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How Partnering With Master Solutions Provider Helps MSPs Avoid Losing Clients

Posted by Joe Schiavone on May 2, 2019

For over the last 20 years in my career, I have realized one thing that agents and programs I worked with had in common. When they brought up a sale for the customer, they barely cared about the solutions but only asked one simple question, “What is the SPIFF?”

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Customer service is promised to hit the next level as a new technical pro joins LANtelligence

Posted by Yana Yermilova on Apr 25, 2019

"LANtelligence is a company which has proven to be a thought leader in terms of understanding the changes taking place throughout the industry from technology, sales, and services perspectives. What is particularly exciting is to me is the incredible focus on the customer," says Jerry McCorkle, TAC Manager of LANtelligence, Inc.

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Selling Saas - Simplified! Webinar recording from 4/18/2019

Posted by lantelligence on Apr 23, 2019

With a current pace of digital transformation, MSPs cannot afford to ignore the exploding SaaS market! 

Host: Chris Poupart, Founder @Crossfire Copy

Guest expert: Peter Radizeski, Founder @RAD-INFO

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MSP Marketing How-To #16. Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentation

Posted by Galina Marcus on Apr 19, 2019

Whether it’s a sales pitch or a job interview, how you present yourself and your content makes the whole difference. Since the majority of people are more visual than auditory learners (meaning that they perceive information better when they see it than when they hear it), it is a good idea to have a slide deck prepared for any occasion. And that’s where the problem starts.

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Mastering MSP sales with monthly forecasts

Posted by Joe Schiavone on Apr 4, 2019

For a managed service provider (MSP), providing the most exceptional IT services to clients takes the first priority. However, sales are just as important as your services, and should not slip to the bottom of your priority list.

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LANtelligence, Inc. Featured in CRN’s 2019 Partner Program Guide

Posted by Yana Yermilova on Apr 2, 2019

Annual Guide Recognizes the IT Channel’s Top Partner Programs

“As a Master Solutions Provider, LANtelligence, Inc. fills a gap for solutions delivery in the channel for UCaaS and CCaaS sales. Since its inception in 2017, our partner program proved to be an essential addition to the evolving channel and we are very excited to be recognized in the CRN 2019 Partner Program Guide”, says Marty Tracey, CEO of LANtelligence, Inc.

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MSP Marketing How-To #15. Online Reviews

Posted by Galina Marcus on Mar 26, 2019


How to get more online reviews for your IT business

We have a great tip for MSP companies that want to attract new business online but struggle with limited marketing resources. The easiest way to improve your visibility online and get more leads is to get online reviews from your happy customers! Fortunately, one doesn’t need to be a marketing pro to do this.

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