What Does It Take to Move Your Organization to the Cloud?

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Mar 13, 2017
Ken Zrobok
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This is where the real work starts

Although in many ways the deployment of a Cloud solution is less complex than that of a classic premise based voice solution, there are still many requirements to preparing your organization to provide a successful Cloud solution. 


These are steps you should consider doing when decided to move to the Cloud:

  • Start by assessing your LAN network and Direct Internet access connections capabilities for handling the extra requirements of real time traffic like voice and video.

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  • Determine if your network switches are VLAN capable for setting up QoS and prioritization at the LAN network level.  Also confirm they have POE capabilities for powering your desktop SIP phones.
  • Consider the requirement for dedicated circuits for the voice portion of your traffic or look at the latest generation SD WAN solutions to create a QoS capable network for your voice traffic to and from the Cloud
  • Map out your call flow requirements and any special needs your environment has today to be sure they can be duplicated in a cloud environment.
  • Confirm the ability to integrate to existing solutions you require today and ones you might need in the near future.
  • Confirm there is an appropriate plan for training of your users.  The default of web based videos for self-study usually ends with unprepared and unhappy users.  Plus a flood of support calls that are just user training issues.
  • Confirm your DR strategy for the loss of connectivity, the loss of function at the site or a large scale outage.
  • Make sure the timing of your transition to a Cloud solution has overlap with your existing solution being removed so that you have an option if there are any issues with the deployment or the carrier messes up the porting of your numbers.
  • Last and most important find a capable partner that has the technical expertise and experience to make sure all these items are in order and that all programming and timing is completed.  A partner that has accountability and the expertise to support the move and all the requirements that will come after the shift to the Cloud.

We give you a hand

We at LANtelligence are always one of the first to test and learn the new solutions. MiCloud Connect is one of the best solutions on the market today.

With MiCloud Connect you get 24x7x365 monitoring of all connectivity, automatic failover in case of primary circuit failure and a team of dedicated LANtelligence engineers.

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