UCaaS Project Step By Step Part 9 - Support and Innovation

Posted by John Teeling on Oct 11, 2018
John Teeling
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Step 9 - Support & Innovation

This blog series has just about run its natural course. I have talked about my experiences and thoughts regarding best practices for the UCaaS or CCaaS Projects that many organizations undertake or are thinking about undertaking in the future as they update their business-critical systems and infrastructure.  

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This blog has incorporated all 9 phases of a project from project management and the kick-off call through implementation and transitioning the system it to support. The most important things that an individual or organization can do is be very engaged, be inquisitive, and always look to best practices for guidance. Finally, demand high standards and effective communication from your partner or vendor until the project is delivered to your requirements and expectations!

The last topic to talk about here is ongoing support and innovation. These were hopefully two of your main considerations when selecting a partner or vendor. Let’s break each of these down separately


Once a system has been implemented and transitioned to support, how it performs over its lifetime can be significantly attributed to the care and support that it receives, whether by your own support team or the partner’s. Either way, it needs to be “top notch” in your eyes and keep the system’s features fully functioning so that the employees that rely on it for productivity are fully enabled to do their jobs. A great support partner also lets you know product roadmap milestones and helps you plan for the future.


One of the best ways to ensure that you increase system value and maximum system capability is by continuing to engage with a partner or vendor who has the capability to engage, evaluate and recommend innovations and features that increase the value of the system for the stakeholders and employees alike. For example, there could be collaboration enhancements to your phone system/desktop client or a new integration that would allow you to expand the capability of your contact center (screen pop, etc.).

This is where I have seen both partners and vendors stumble in the past. They are great at selling and have the full range of skills and experience when it comes to implementing, but are many times just not equipped for ongoing support and innovation.

Allow me to leave you with some parting words of advice: be rock solid on your requirements, do your research and due diligence, and stick with your high standards and expectations throughout the project. Be engaged and communicate your thoughts and level of satisfaction for how the project is going with your partner or vendor every step of the way, including post-implementation. Do this and you will get the system you wanted and expected. You’ll also get many years of the productivity and usefulness that your employees are expecting in order to leverage this critical system.

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