UCaaS Project Step By Step Part 7 - Installment

Posted by John Teeling on Aug 23, 2018
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Step 7 - Installment

In my previous blog posts about UCaaS project topics, we covered all the required steps to plan, provision, deliver, test and train. This installment will cover the all-important go-live step. This is when we prove that all the work has been done correctly as we take the solution live in the production environment. In theory, this should be a routine event with no drama or unexpected outcomes. We say that because of the preparation and testing that gave you the confidence to go-live in the first place.

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Let’s look at the key elements that should be present in any project when a solution goes live:

  • The partner and vendor(s) need to be present and active when the system is going live. A good partner and vendor can add value by understanding the process, communicating with you what is happening through the process and stepping in to take immediate action if required. This is especially true during the number porting process, during which carrier timing and testing is critical. This is one of the points where you are most vulnerable to mistakes.
  • Go-live validation testing and post-cut support are critical and are vital in assuring that the solution meets your expectations for functionally and quality and that the users are comfortable with their new solution. Yes, they are trained. However, until they have time in seat with the solution , everyone needs to be engaged and aware as to how the customer experience is going from everyone’s perspective.

By being engaged and diligent through the go-live phase of a project, everyone can ensure the solution is providing the expected value from day one. If there are unexpected issues, then the customer should know that their Partner and Vendor are working without fail to restore functionality and quality.

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