Detecting an Embedded OS Infected with Conficker On Patient Medical Monitoring Device

Posted by lantelligence on May 22, 2018

Healthcare Struggles To Protect Health Data 

5,579,438 patient records were breached in 2017, according to new data released on 23 of January 2018 in the Protenus Breach Barometer Report. Insider threats can remain undiscoverable for long periods of time. The Report states that "on average, it took 308 days for an organization to discover it had suffered a breach in 2017."

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POS System Update With The Infected Code - Case Study 

Posted by lantelligence on Apr 5, 2018

Attack Attempt To A Large Dealership

“When someone uses third party software or devices like POS Systems, medical devices etc., they are at the mercy of the levels of security the vendors have built into them. Vigilant CyberDNA can give you visibility into remote devices without needing to have any agents installed on them."

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Vigilant Cyber Security

Posted by Henry Roberts on Mar 6, 2018

Cyber DNA by Vigilant Technology

Operational need + Control (FW, AV Compliance) + Visibility

Today’s world doesn’t raise a question of the Cyber Security necessity. Being reckless about your data protection either on a personal or business level is not an option anymore. Luckily, there’s plenty of offerings on the market for any budget and any level of protection.

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