The Value Of Good Partner Support

Posted by John Teeling on Jan 29, 2018
John Teeling
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Enterprise Support vs Good Partner Support

For post-implementation and ongoing support of the UCaaS or CCaaS, a customer organization is usually presented with two choices which are Enterprise (Vendor) or Partner Support. While there are many examples of Enterprise Support providing customers quality support and good customer experiences, my main premise for this blog is to highlight the advantages of Partner Support. 


Top-notch Partners are better equipped to provide customers with the technical support that best suits them and offer a superior customer experience that they deserve for their investment. Representing a Partner Support organization, I see this play out daily as well as have the opportunity to collaborate at times with peer Partners to focus on solving customer problems and providing the best customer experience possible. The question really becomes, "What differentiates Partners and why does thisy matter to customers?"  I will take the next several paragraphs to paint a picture of the “typical” Enterprise Support organization and then compare that to the ideal version of Partner Support.


Enterprise Support. The scope clearly defines what is and isn’t provided or addressed by the support. Anything beyond this scope requires purchasing as a professional service or assessment to identify the source of the issue.

Partner Support. Good Partners are capable and committed to supporting your system as well as helping you diagnose your environment to identify the issue and ensure that you have a resolution path, even if that means troubleshooting and getting on a call with your carrier or network vendor to interpret the situation and what is required for resolution. 

Tiers, Skills And Experience

Enterprise Support.The tier level model is strictly defined. All call-ins start with the lowest tier and make their way up the model depending on the issue the customer is experiencing. Engineers in all tier levels are experts in their product, and are not allowed to work on the issues not defined by their scope and charts. Escalation to management isn’t a part of Enterprise Support.

Partner support. Partners too have different tier levels and roles. However, those roles are staffed with certified experts who in many cases are involved in the system implementation process and know that specific customer’s system they support. They are also aware of the customer’s business and its priorities. Good Partner’s engineers are grounded in vendor certifications as well as network and server credentials which results in a better experience and fewer required escalations. In some cases, some Partners allow a sooner escalation to their executive management which means a higher level of attention to the most significant and business-sensitive issues. 

MAC Work

Enterprise Support. MAC work is pay by the ticket. As a customer, you are one of thousands and each new case is usually someone accessing the system for the first time.

Partner Support. It varies from Partner to Partner, but top-notch Partners usually treat basic MAC work as a part of their support coverage.

Customer Engagement Model

Enterprise Support. An Enterprise Support team covers literally thousands of customers, they are simply unable to proactively engage with them or learn their business to the point they would be able to provide consulting to ensure the customer is getting the most out of their phone system.

Partner Support. Good Partners require their teams to be committed to knowing and engaging the customer base. Ideally, the Partner would have individuals at multiple levels who engage to learn the customer’s needs and get direct feedback, as well as understand the direction of their business. Good Partners help plan a path that ensures the business gets the value from their telephony and contact center systems.

All the above is based on our business philosophy and years of experience and involvement in complex implementations and projects with the vendors and other Partners alike. We believe, that this should be a blueprint for any Partner Support organization that is looking to provide the best customer experience, and for any customer who isn’t willing to compromise their phone system support and performance.

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