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Posted by Rob Wells on Feb 20, 2018
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What to expect from a Support Partner Technical Assistance Center (TAC)?

Being an official Support Partner for Mitel and other UCaaS vendors means being on the front line for the customers when they need technical assistance or help with their telephony system. Providing an exceptional Technical Assistance Center (TAC) experience takes more than just making your engineer resources available for a customer reach. We asked our TAC Manager Rob Wells to explain his vision on leading a Technical Assistance Center and providing the best customer experience along with top-notch technical expertise. 


Except for the minor things, calling for tech support is often associated with frustration:

  • Your phone system isn’t operating properly
  • You feel like every minute of delay costs you a fortune
  • When the issue is located beyond the phone system and requires deeper diagnostics, it expands the circle of involved specialists and creates a complicated communication chain.

The recipe for creating a better TAC experience is not a mystery and the best Partners know the right ingredients! Yes, typically a tracking ticket is created for each unique issue, however, it is more about how a customer and issue are handled to determine the true value of success versus any raw ticket stats that may not share the true story.

An exceptional TAC experience is not only about closing a ticket, it is about catering and caring for customers’ needs in a way that allows them to feel comfortable with the process and path to resolution. It is also important that a Support Partner understands the nature of the customer’s business and how specific issues can impact them.

At the LANtelligence TAC, the focus is on the customer and managing tickets in a way that support their overall business needs and bring confidence in the end solution. So, how exactly does this approach work with partners like us? Let’s break it down to several points:

Solving the issue vs. fixing the phone system

The partner is interested in resolving your issue even if the root issue is not with your Mitel or communication system. They focus on being an advocate for getting the issue resolved first and foremost. Utilizing their network, server, and carrier connection expertise, they help the customer navigate the challenging waters of multiple vendors and components that must all be working together to ensure a stable system.

Timing vs. customer satisfaction

The partner would absolutely love to resolve your issues as quickly as possible, but they want to hear from you that you are satisfied that your issue, concerns, and questions have all been addressed. Only then will they feel comfortable closing a ticket on their end.

  • Did they apply a fix or make a configuration change that seems to have corrected the issue, but you would still like to monitor the status before officially closing the ticket for the remainder of the day? …week? Sure, not a problem!
  • Is it a confirmed fix, maybe there is more than one contributing factor? The partner always seeks to test and confirm that the issue has been resolved rather than just assume a configuration change has corrected it. They’d like to see it work for you so that if there are any other issues, they can catch and address them at the same time. They want YOUR confirmation that the issue has been resolved.

Oversight and Escalation

LANtelligence has a dedicated TAC Manager that continuously reviews open tickets and Mitel cases to identify any opportunities for a faster path to resolution as well as helps ensure a positive customer experience. If an employee or a vendor is not providing the desired actions and timing, the TAC Manager addresses these concerns to ensure the momentum to resolution stays on track. The TAC Manager ensures all parties are engaged and focused in the best and most efficient way to resolve customer concerns and issues. Having a dedicated TAC Manager also allows for a more consistent and direct path to managers at a vendor level. This connection helps ensure vendor accountability and efficiency as they work through escalated customer cases.

Having a partner that is a team player and focused on the bigger picture and ultimate resolution is part of a truly exceptional customer experience. General troubleshooting steps only go so far. Having a true plan, the right communication, and a consistent and direct way to escalate make all the difference.

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About Rob Wells: As the TAC Manager for LANtelligence, Rob oversees the Technical Assistance Center and ensures our team of engineers are executing on behalf of our customers at the highest level. He provides key oversight and direct vendor partnerships to drive and resolve the most challenging of escalated issues. Rob's 10+ years of developing and managing high-performing teams across technical, retention and sales landscapes within Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable uniquely positions him to understand and prioritize the voice of the customer throughout the TAC experience.

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