What is this new version of ShoreTel I heard about?  Is it right for me?

Posted by Henry Roberts on Feb 8, 2017
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ShoreTel Connect

ShoreTel has released a new version of their software.  Instead of following the past naming sequence and calling it ShoreTel 15 they have named it ShoreTel Connect.  With Connect the ShoreTel cloud offering and the premise offering have a single code base.  This makes it possible to go from cloud to premise or even a hybrid configuration where some phones connect to the cloud while others are onsite while maintaining 4 digit extension dialing.



Connect allows you to have ShoreTel Sky phones connect and route into your existing premise Connect PBX giving you the best of both worlds, premise and cloud.

Increasing integration

ShoreTel continues to increase integrations with other LOB (Line of Business) applications like Salesforce, MS Dynamics, desk.com, Dropbox and others.

Increased capacity voice switches

ShoreTel 14.2 introduced the 400 series phones and virtual appliances.  ShoreTel Connect introduces increased capacity voice switches. With Connect the switch phone capacity is set and does not decrease by adding configurable features. Your ST 100DA will always be able to hold 100 phones.  The configurable resources no longer subtract from the phone capacity of the switch.  T1 switches have been introduced that will take 2 PRIs in one appliance. The analog 24A has been upgraded to a 48A doubling the capacity in the same rack footprint.

Edge Gateway

New in Connect the Edge Gateway appliance is a VMWare, the only virtual machine that will connect remote phones, softphones, client software and Contact Center agents without the need for a VPN.  You can now run your own private cloud in ShoreTel Connect.

We've been one of the first ShoreTel partners to beta test Connecet and are working with it since day one. To learn more about ShoreTel Connect features watch our YouTube videos demonstrating Connect Client and Connect Director.

The code base is being updated frequently and more features are being added constantly.  Schedule a demo of Connect to see if the upgrade is right for you.

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