SD-WAN For Branch Routing

Posted by John Teeling on Mar 7, 2018
John Teeling
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Let Velocloud Be Your Next Branch Routing Device

With the general acceptance of SD-WAN it is becoming clear that there is a movement afoot that allows you to replace your traditional Branch Routing device with a VeloCloud SD-WAN solution.


As noted by VeloCloud, by 2021 SD-WAN will enjoy a 69% Compounded Annual Growth Rate while traditional routers will see a decline over the same period by 1.7%. The reason for this is that networks today are architected and behave quite differently that the traditional networks of the last 15-30 years which were characterized by a branch router installed at each remote location to route network traffic to other parts of the network or back to the data center.

In today’s network environments, when the network is designed, it is a fact that routing capabilities exist outside of the traditional routing devices and that there are complementary solutions that have integrated the routing capability into their devices which can satisfy the enterprise demand requirements that in the past were only satisfied by branch routers.

In addition to simplifying your enterprise routing and replacing aging infrastructure, you are building a capability that will allow your organization to scale network services, build a direct path to access cloud-delivered applications and services as well as incorporate VOIP switching capability, security, routing and other end-point functionalities.

When we look at the benefits of moving from a traditional branch routing solution to a SD-WAN VeloCloud solution, the value becomes clear:

  • Total Cost of Ownership reduced – This is a terrific opportunity to reduce your CAPEX expenditures and the associated maintenance costs with the traditional solution. Translate this into the VeloCloud NaaS solution where everything is combined into one contract to address configuration, maintenance and support.
  • Visibility and Control – In contrast to the traditional branch router where devices work independently, the VeloCloud environment is architected to be cloud delivered and managed from a central location through a “single pane of glass”. This means the network activity is transparent, recorded and analyzed for display in the management portal. Updates and issue resolution become much a much easier task.
  • Business Continuity – In contrast with traditional branch routing, VeloCloud’s dynamic multipath optimization (DMPO) allows the network to maintain functionality when faced with the loss of a single path. Downtime and business effecting outages can be greatly reduced or avoided altogether due to network issues.
  • Scalability – Growth and enabling new network segments are at the core of the VeloCloud architecture. Configuring and implementing new units and changes to your environment is using accomplished in minutes. Your environment becomes much more flexible.

When your business is faced with the need to perform a technology refresh on your branch routers, look a different direction and see all that VeloCloud and its SD-WAN solution have to offer in the form of modern technology, value and a view and control capability for your cloud traffic applications and data.


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