Mitel (ShoreTel) Complete Backup & Restore

Posted by Rob Wells on Sep 25, 2017

Routine Backups Are Critical

Taking routine backups of the Mitel (ShoreTel) configuration, voicemail greetings and messages are critical in the ability to restore the system after server failure. When speaking about server hardware, it is not if the hardware will fail but when it will fail.

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Network optimization made easy

Posted by Henry Roberts on Sep 13, 2017

Ensure the quality of a real-time traffic using SD-WAN

Ensuring proper performance for voice, video and other critical real-time applications requires a significant amount of time, labor and expertise. It is a complex process that usually includes configuring a private circuit (MPLS), Quality of Service (QoS) and monitoring tools for all applications in every business location.

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Are all SD-WAN solutions created equal?

Posted by Sean Lane on Sep 7, 2017

Ask a Pro: Difference between SD-WAN solutions 

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) has been a very hot and yet very complicated topic lately. More and more businesses are realizing the great benefits of SD-WAN, and we also advocate for it. To clarify what real SD-WAN is, we asked our Lead Sales Engineer, Sean Lane, for more details. 

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Do I Need A Desk Phone With UCaaS?

Posted by Henry Roberts on Aug 22, 2017

Is A Deskphone Necessary Hardware When The Entire Telephony System Is Migrating To The Cloud?

One of the benefits of cloud unified communications is the elimination of hardware and the associated costs. That means no server, no switches and often no PBX. Several years ago, it would have been hard to imagine a classic office environment without desk phones. But, today, when remote teams are more common than ever, the concept of the work environment has changed tremendously. Mobile and remote workforces need an adaptive solution that integrates with their work style and locations.

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UCaaS Deployment Best Practices

Posted by John Teeling on Jul 24, 2017

Where do UCaaS deployments run into trouble?

With all the movement and migration to UCaaS that is occurring from the Telephony premise-based world, I am sure that most of us have seen for ourselves or heard about some of the issues that are common with UCaaS Deployments. I am going to talk about these issues as well as give some suggestions on how not to fall into the same situations.

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Session Border Controller in Mitel

Posted by Henry Roberts on Jul 20, 2017

Why a Session Border Controller Is So Important for SIP Trunking With Mitel (ShoreTel)... 

The Session Border Controller (SBC) is an important part of the VOIP implementation and is a must have for Mitel (ShoreTel) solutions. It enhances the connectivity and works as a security device. We have seen many examples with systems that didn’t use an SBC where PBXs have been compromised and used for illegal/unauthorized long-distance calls because of their exposure to the public internet or when features wouldn’t work as expected because of a specific carrier’s SIP configuration. Below we explain how an SBC device solves these issues.

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Is Your Network Ready for a UCaaS Solution?

Posted by Henry Roberts on Jun 30, 2017

How to Prepare Your Network for a New VOIP System

When implementing a VOIP phone system you must take the network into account to ensure a successful implementation. Phone calls will be riding over your network infrastructure and that makes your network now part of your phone system.

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Cloud Phones for Non-Permanent Location

Posted by Henry Roberts on Jun 6, 2017

Case Study

Some industries and situations are at times required to setup temporary locations (1-3 years) for staff or contractors or other unique requirements. Recently we had the need to complete this type of project for one of our long-term customers. Here’s the solution we recommended to ensure they would get the maximum value and productivity out of their phone system.

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"Cryptolocker blocked my pbx"

Posted by Henry Roberts on Apr 3, 2017

There's never too much of data security 

We’re constantly talking about the importance of data protection. We are taking attempts on educating our customers on the personal level as well as spreading the word through our blog and social media. And though we’re happy with the results of our efforts, still we have seen a couple of incidents of Cryptolocker come into our Technical Assistance Center this year.

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Five Ways We Can Help You Boost Your Cloud Solution

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Mar 28, 2017

Cloud implementation process is more than Plug-&-Play

Despite the advertised simplicity of cloud voice, the technology does not come already integrated with your applications and configured to support your Contact Center requirements. It’s the behind-the-scenes evaluation of your system configuration and setup that makes cloud work the way it’s been proposed to work.

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