UCaaS Project Step By Step Part 4 - Provisioning & Delivery

Posted by John Teeling on May 15, 2018

Step 4 - Provisioning & Delivery

Up to this point in our blog series, we have primarily been talking about the initial steps for getting a project off to a successful start from an administrative and design perspective. With this segment, we cover assembling the items needed to build and deploy a UCaaS Project to the customer’s specifications.   

Find all 9 steps of UCaaS project HERE

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UCaaS Project Step By Step Part 3 - Solution Design

Posted by John Teeling on Apr 13, 2018

Step 3 - The Solution Design

In our blog series, we pretty much have the prerequisites out of the way, and it is time to start executing for the customer.  When it comes to a design, that means taking the project requirements as defined by the customer, performing data collection (using templates) and creating a design document with the results of that data collection.  

Find all 9 steps of UCaaS project HERE

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POS System Update With The Infected Code - Case Study 

Posted by lantelligence on Apr 5, 2018

Attack Attempt To A Large Dealership

“When someone uses third party software or devices like POS Systems, medical devices etc., they are at the mercy of the levels of security the vendors have built into them. Vigilant CyberDNA can give you visibility into remote devices without needing to have any agents installed on them."

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Mitel Connect Client User Interface Overview 

Posted by Henry Roberts on Mar 20, 2018

Check out our Mitel (former ShoreTel) Connect Client user interface overview. New look and feel. Improved user experience.

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UCaaS Project Step By Step Part 2 - Kick-off Call

Posted by John Teeling on Mar 15, 2018

Step 2 - The Kick-off Call

In the first topic of the series, I talked about the critical role that project management plays in the success (and sometimes failure) of a project. In this edition, I am going to talk about the Kick-off Call and what it takes to get a UCaaS project off to a good start, thus setting the tone for the rest of the project. I know some of this is fairly basic, however, teams effectively execute when the basics are done well.

Find all 9 steps of UCaaS project HERE

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SD-WAN For Branch Routing

Posted by John Teeling on Mar 7, 2018

Let Velocloud Be Your Next Branch Routing Device

With the general acceptance of SD-WAN it is becoming clear that there is a movement afoot that allows you to replace your traditional Branch Routing device with a VeloCloud SD-WAN solution.

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Vigilant Cyber Security

Posted by Henry Roberts on Mar 6, 2018

Cyber DNA by Vigilant Technology

Operational need + Control (FW, AV Compliance) + Visibility

Today’s world doesn’t raise a question of the Cyber Security necessity. Being reckless about your data protection either on a personal or business level is not an option anymore. Luckily, there’s plenty of offerings on the market for any budget and any level of protection.

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UCaaS Project Step By Step - Part 1

Posted by John Teeling on Mar 1, 2018

Step 1 - Project Management

This 9-part blog series explores 9 different phases of the UCaaS project, ranging from best practices for the kick-off call through the provisioning and delivery phases of a project and to the point where you will take the project live and ultimately transition to support. 

Find all 9 steps of UCaaS project HERE

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Technical Assistance Center Experience

Posted by Rob Wells on Feb 20, 2018

What to expect from a Support Partner Technical Assistance Center (TAC)?

Being an official Support Partner for Mitel and other UCaaS vendors means being on the front line for the customers when they need technical assistance or help with their telephony system. Providing an exceptional Technical Assistance Center (TAC) experience takes more than just making your engineer resources available for a customer reach. We asked our TAC Manager Rob Wells to explain his vision on leading a Technical Assistance Center and providing the best customer experience along with top-notch technical expertise. 

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When you think you'd better work directly with the manufacturer... - Part 2

Posted by Martin Tracey on Feb 13, 2018

Myths about manufacturers' customer relationships

Last week, we shared and demystified several myths about the customer experience you may expect from direct relationships with the solution manufacturer or direct provider. We touched on several points that explain why manufacturers prefer to delegate solution sales, deployment and support services to their expert partners to ensure the best customer experience with their products. Today, we want to share four more myths about direct customer-manufacturer relationships.

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