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Posted by Henry Roberts on Sep 13, 2017
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Ensure the quality of a real-time traffic using SD-WAN

Ensuring proper performance for voice, video and other critical real-time applications requires a significant amount of time, labor and expertise. It is a complex process that usually includes configuring a private circuit (MPLS), Quality of Service (QoS) and monitoring tools for all applications in every business location.


What does it take to configure a circuit?

Configuring and ensuring proper QoS across a company with several locations is time consuming. First, you should determine which traffic is important. Then, how much bandwidth is needed. Next, you should have your MPLS provider or VPN administrator configure it at every location. Finally, you should confirm that QoS is happening and is being honored. This process should be repeated for each application that needs priority handling. When you add another circuit to a location for a backup, load balancing or application steering, the whole process should be duplicated and the load balancing, failover and application steering should be validated. 


Let’s imagine that a company with 10 locations adds an 11th location with MPLS or a private circuit.

  • After you order the circuits you should be ready to wait for about 30 to 45 days. 

  • Then, you should configure and validate the network equipment, QoS and routing. 

  • All application policies should be added to the new location to match the previous 10 locations. 

Having multiple devices also makes the testing and troubleshooting process more difficult.

How SD-WAN can help:

SDWAN alleviates these pain points by making configuration, deployment and troubleshooting simpler and all in one place. It reduces internet service ordering time to about a week. It decreases the cost by utilizing multiple commodity circuits. Network deployment and configuration goes down to minutes. The installation doesn't require specific technical expertise or certification.

SD-WAN creates a single configuration interface which is a better alternative to a combination of MPLS circuits, failovers and balancing load configurations. Status check and troubleshooting are also consolidated in one place, which makes troubleshooting significantly easier. 

Demo It!

Another great thing about SD-WAN is that it's something you can have demoed for you. At LANtelligence, we use VeloCloud SD-WAN for our own network and that's the best example for the demo whenever we have a request for it. 

So, if you're interested in a deeper dive into the technology, give us a call at 866-510-8547 or submit a request by filling out the pop-up form below

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