Licensing Voice in Microsoft Teams (Part 2 of 3)

Posted by lantelligence on Jul 7, 2020

In part two of this three-part series, we review the pricing of adding voice to Microsoft Teams. 

As we navigate the current pandemic, many companies have deployed their workers to their home offices.  Many customers who may not have been fully invested in Collaboration, like video meeting, conference calls, screen sharing in Team found the move to Teams relatively effortless.


Most companies still have a traditional phone system or PBX and are probably looking at moving that technology to the cloud, like the collaboration and CRM systems already in place.


Microsoft and the Teams application can add voice to any Teams user, via the online admin portal.


A couple of items to note: 

You will need the following to add voice to Teams.  The first is the Phone System feature, which is standard on the E5 license.  You can add this license for only $8 USD/month, but not via the online portal, you will have to contact your Microsoft license provider to add that feature to E1 or an E3 license.


The next thing you will need to do is to add a Calling Plan, even if you have the E5 license.  Up to this point the Teams can do the internal calling between users in the organization.  Adding the Phone System feature adds a dial pad to your Teams client.  Unless you add a Calling plan, only internal calls can happen up to this point.


Microsoft provides a local and international calling plan for $12 and $24 USD respectively.  They have recently added a bundle for small business called Microsoft 365 Business Voice for companies under 300 users. The Business 365 bundles the phone system, conferencing and calling plan as on price ($20 USD). 


The calling plan, although states unlimited, it has a cap of 3K mins/month, and it is pooled by the organization.  Therefore, if you have 2 users with an unlimited plan, in total the organization can use 6K mins combined per month.


Also, if you are US, the local plan considers Canada/US as local and the need for an international calling is not required for calling into Canada.


If you want to add Audio conferencing to your plan, the ability to have your own conferencing number, there is another $4 /user/month charge.


Cost Breakdown:


Each organization will have different costs for their Microsoft/Office 365 licenses based on prior negotiation. 


Add on Feature 

<300 users 

E1 E3 
<300 users
E3 E5 
<300 users
Microsoft 365 Business Voice $20 n/a $20 n/a $20 n/a
Phone System  Incl. $8 Incl. $8 Incl. Incl.
Conferencing  Incl. $4 Incl. $4 Incl. Incl.
Calling Plan (US)  Incl. $12 Incl. $12 Incl. $12
Total US  $20 $24 $20 $24 $20 $12


Let’s look at few scenarios for comparison: 

Company Users  Current Licenses Monthly Cost  AnnualCost 


A 50 E1 $1,000 $12,000
B 100 E3 $2,000 $24,000
C 400 E5 $4,800 $57,600



Depending on a couple of factors, like number or users and your current licensing level, the additional cost per user per month can be as low as $12 or as high as $20.


In the next article, we will look at what it would cost to add your own voice to Teams. Check out Part I of our three-part series to learn what options are available for adding Voice to Microsoft Teams here


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