Is the Cloud Right for Everyone’s Voice Communications?

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Dec 6, 2016
Ken Zrobok
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Cloud Voice Solutions Are Not New and Not For Everyone....

Cloud voice solutions have been around in one form or another since the 1990's (a.k.a. Centrex). The latest generation of Cloud Voice Solutions began to evolve approximately a decade ago.  With more effective and less expensive network availability, the options for these cloud solutions has grown rapidly.

Let us not forget the desire of the manufacturers who envision a more lucrative reoccurring revenue model which has also expedited this expansion. The idea that manufacturers push technology out to the masses because it is better for them and not for the customer is not dissimilar to IP Telephony.   Traditional PBX's were displaced by IP Telephony because the technology was less expensive and more profitable to develop a software based solution other than to produce as a hardware solution.

The big question for many businesses today is...when it comes to their voice communications, is the Cloud a good fit?

Key Drivers for Cloud Telephony Adoption

  • The ability to provide your customers/prospective customers with a variety of ways to communicate with your organization.
  • Business Intelligence of the interactions between your company and your audience. 
  • Integration to Software as a Service applications that can provide enhanced business functionality.
  • Recognition of the value of technology as a key competitve weapon/differentiator in your industry

If any of the key drivers listed above are important to your organization, then consider a Cloud Telephony solution.  Read our Guide to Business Communications to understand if Cloud would work for you.

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