How to Make Your Phone System Grow Along With Your Business

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Mar 7, 2017
Ken Zrobok
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Does your premise phone system hinder business growth?

Here’s the good news. Technology now enables your workforce to be available anytime, anywhere and on nearly any device, which requires a business phone system with flexibility, mobility and scalability.


So, can your phone system actually keep up with your business growth?

In the case of phone technology, most legacy systems aren’t capable of meeting the consistent demand for expansion coupled with flexibility.

Depending on your system:

  • You may be limited by lack of access to new features, applications and reporting
  • You may have no ability for expansion and be forced to upgrade or replace hardware to accommodate more users or newer applications.

That costs money and time, and it won’t work for your growing business.

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There is a way to make it work

When you choose a phone system, it’s difficult to anticipate what your business might need until you’re faced with the demand for growth. You know you need dial tone, access for all employees, and some of the cool new phone features that improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

But now you’re wondering if your phone system and its features can grow with your company to provide a competitive edge as the economy comes back and your company expands.

Here’s what you’ll need in a phone system today to meet your growing business’s demands:
  • Ability to quickly respond to changes like adding new offices, hiring remote employees
  • Flexibility to support your mobile employees
  • Applications that allow you to engage with your customers in the way they choose
  • Reporting to help you measure performance and efficiency
  • Support to help employees intuitively activate and self-service their own phones

Your growing business requires the right tools that support flexibility and mobility, not limit it. Isn’t it time to consider your phone system as a critical business tool that will help you reach your business objectives? 


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