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Posted by Henry Roberts on Oct 2, 2017
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When you migrate to Connect CLOUD, you get it all in one package!

After the end of life (EoL) announcement for the obsolete 14.2 hardware in January 2017 and the Mitel acquisition of ShoreTel in September 2017, we are having a lot of conversations with our customers regarding the option between upgrading to Connect ONSITE and migrating to Connect CLOUD.


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More Features Included

You can now get more features with a cloud-based service than you can with a premise-based system for less time, resources and money.  Let’s look at some of the functionalities that would cost to add to a premise system that would be included with a Connect CLOUD.

If you bought your premise-based system 10+ years ago, though outdated, you could still have those voice switches working just fine in your racks now.  You may have done one or two server migrations or software upgrades but the hardware is still there performing as designed. This premise or ONSITE system has a modular design. This means additional purchases must be made when you want to add additional hardware, licenses, resources and/or professional services.

Scale Up Easily

Expansion can also be a huge headache when you factor in licenses, hardware, professional services and a PRI/PSTN connectivity that adds up in system availability, resources and costs. When you have a cloud system, you are simply adding more Connect Profiles and assigning them to the new location. 

As an example, conferencing is an additional component for the premise-based system. It requires an appliance, licenses, firewall rules, a dedicated phone number, public IP address and an internet name.  Whereas Cloud users automatically get 8-way conferences as part of the Connect Essentials Profile (license) bundle. To upgrade to 25 simultaneous callers, or even up to 100, is as easy as upgrading a user’s Connect Profile for around $19* more a month for the Connect Advanced Profile (license) bundle.

Mobility Is No Longer Optional

A common high-interest item, Connect Mobile Client is now included with upgrades and new orders however, there is still hardware to purchase, installation fees and provisioning required. To add mobility would involve additions to the infrastructure, licenses and quite a bit of time in professional services. To contrast with the Cloud option, with the basic Connect Essentials Profile, this is included and gives your organization a built-in disaster recovery option.

Get Even More!

These are just a few examples of functionality commonly asked for and added to systems. Other examples of things that are much easier to add (some at a cost) with a cloud phone system are call recordings, e-fax, contact center, Salesforce integration.   


Mitel Connect CLOUD gives you a choice and empowers you to eliminate:

  • Carrier phone bills
  • Annual Partner Support fees
  • Hardware & license costs

Give us a quick call to start the discussion and plan for your business communications upgrade. Let LANtelligence do the legwork for you and guide you into the future of UC!  That’s what Partners are for.

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Download Cloud Communication E-Book

*Estimated price 10/2017

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