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Posted by John Teeling on Dec 21, 2017
John Teeling
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Mitel (ShoreTel) Phone System Redundancy During SoCal Wildfire Season

Emergency scenarios are one of those things that you plan for and never hope that you must execute against. It is why we build our solutions the way that we do and stay engaged with customers to understand their business and priorities.


We consistently work with our client base to promote prudent backup plans, business continuity and if needed, disaster recovery as part of best practice and design doctrine. 

I wanted to take a moment and reflect on an opportunity that LANtelligence recently had to help several of our customers in their time of need during the recent Southern California fires that hit the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

On December 5th, there were multiple quick burning fires in the Los Angeles area that quickly threatened businesses and homes causing evacuation orders in several locations where we have customer concentrations. At about 12:00 pm we received calls from two large multi-site customers (one with a large contact center) saying that they were under imminent evacuation orders and that there was the threat of losing power at any moment.

Based on the urgency of the situation, we immediately assigned a Sales Engineer (based on their knowledge and experience) to each customer to jump into their systems with them and validate that they were ready to failover (and fail up as is the Mitel (ShoreTel) infrastructure way).

Within 20 minutes, we had worked with the customers and validated based on their current configurations and any recent changes that if they were to lose the site in question, that the Mitel (ShoreTel) would behave as designed and the calls for those sites would continue to be answered at other sites preserving their business process.

An hour later we received a call from one of the customers saying that they had taken the site down based on the fire’s proximity and that everything had failed over (up) flawlessly and that they would remain in that posture for several days. The other customer never had to implement the failover, but was thankful they knew exactly what to expect if the need arose and that their business continuity was there if needed.

This day, we were once again reminded that we had the privilege of supporting the customer in their time of need. This is the type of situation where decisively acting for your customer’s benefit and using your knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the outcome that is needed to meet your customer’s emergency is required. It is a humbling reminder that we always need to be prepared and ready to answer the customer's call and be ready to respond in all situations.

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John Teeling

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